Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holding on.

This morning, I'm happy. I'm happy because he is. I AM, because he is. I honestly have no idea how those without faith make it from day to day. Without my faith, I would be dead and gone by now. If 5 years ago you would have told me that I'd have the career I have, making the money I make, driving the car I drive, living in the city I live in--all on my own--I would have never seen it. I'm just so abundantly, superbly blessed. Through adversity, troubles, trials, and tribulations, not only am I still here, but I'm THRIVING here! I've lost loved ones, seen people go to jail, come home from jail, give birth, lose babies, get married, get divorced, been in love, been out of love, and been on the verge of just giving up completely--but that faith. The faith that told my grandmother to hold on, and told my mother to hold on,tells me to hold on. Keep looking above. Keep moving forward. Even those times when you feel like you can't make another step--God will carry you--just believe that it will happen. What a year its been. Maybe I can come up with a 2010 recep blog...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


The frequency in which men move in and out of my life is alarming. These aren't men that I'm sleeping with...men that I'm falling for...men that I've dated for months...but just random men. Men I meet online, men I meet at bars, men I meet at clubs--even men I meet through mutual friends. We msy talk or text a few times...then it's over. Granted, some people have busy lives, but if it's that busy, why even make the effort of getting my number and starting to get to know me? It's starting to affect me. Is it because I'm not giving up anything? Maybe I don't move quickly enough. Did I "have it" in my younger years, and no longer have it at 30? It feels like the closer I get to realizing my other goals and dreams, the further away men move. Maybe God is preparing me to move into my destiny and I need to go into it alone? Or maybe like Paul, I'm not even supposed to end up with anyone. Something to reallly think about.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Grown Folks

I can never remember to write in this damned blog. I have a million thoughts swirling in my head at any given time, and forget to write them down. Ok, neglect to--because I'm lazy. At any rate, my friends and I were talking about marriage and relationships earlier today, when it dawned on me that if not for those kinds of things, we wouldn't have anything to talk about...besides college and home furnishings...which I believe would then make us boring married people. We started out in similar places, some of us lagged a little more than others, and in the end, we are all in the same stadium. Again, some of us are closer to the field, and some of us are in the nosebleeds--but we're all here. I would write more, but I have some more work to do, and I need to meet my friend at Friday's for Happy Hour. You know how good I am with my priorities--so I'm shuttin this computer down so I can get to the bar and get a seat LOL!!! More tomorrow. Or maybe even tonight. Depends on how happy I end up getting.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Is that all you wanted? Why didn't you just say so?

In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy just wanted to get back to Kansas. She went through hell and high water to get to the Wizard, and when she finally made her request, the Wizard asked her if that was all she wanted. It wasn't difficult for him to oblige, and if he would have said no, she could have gone on her way. I think the same thing about men. Often times, a man will wine and dine you, buy you gifts, and keep sniffing around, just to get a lil sumthin. If you want to get to know a woman, that's fine. But if you just want the goods--just say so! There are plenty of women that would let a man have his way with her, just because. There is no need for him to mislead her, or believe that he's "gaming" her out of anything--it is what it is. If you want it, and I want to give it to you, it's gonna go down.

I met a guy this weekend. My friend is a bouncer, and I was hanging out with him at his job. He told me that his coworker "E" kept checking me out. I hadn't paid dude any mind, but once I got a good look at him, I said ok...he's cute...I could be interested. My friend had to go handle something somewhere else, so E came and stood at my friends post. I was facebooking on my BB, and he took it out of my hand and put it in my pocket. Of course, smart comments were exchanged, and we started conversing. In convo, I found out this guy was separated, but living with his wife still (smirk), and his 3 kids--12, 15, and 18. We talked a little more, and the conversation kind of fell off. Another guy came over, we started talking about the Federal Government, and since he was buying drinks--we went to the bar. I talked to him for a while until he was getting ready to leave, and then walked back over to where I was, 3 drinks to the good. At that point, I was ready to leave. As I was walking out, "E" asked if I enjoyed my new friend. I was like, what? That was business...and just kind of walked off. So, Monday afternoon I get a text from E. I immediately texted my boy that works with him and asked if he gave E my number-cause I know I didn't give it to him. He said yeah--I said he could (which I didnt remember, but who knows). So, I responded to his text. E asked what I was doing, and I told him. Then, this fool says, "Hey, can you send me a noddy pic". I get a little heated. It's then followed by a text that says "Notty, my bad". At this point, I'm kinda pissed. So I respond, "It's actually naughty-and what I look like sendin a man I just met-who's somebody's husband-naked pictures? U got me fucked up babe". He responds "Ok it was nice talkin to you". I couldnt even respond. That was the most gangsterific thing I've experienced living in MD. No game...no bs...no cut cards--period. Even though I was a little offensded...I could do nothing but respect this man. Granted, dude is 39, and been in the game for years--but you just gotta love that kind of honesty. He should teach a class...that was some reallll G shit...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

2 years though?!?!?

It's been almost 2 years since I wrote in this blog. Alot has happened. I've loved...lost...relocated...dropped a few pounds...picked up a few pounds...and made money. In the grand scheme of things however, nothing much has changed. I'm still confused as ever regarding life's major topics. Instead of a recap-let's get right into it. I got the "nicest" message on FB today:

Nsa Ekpenyong July 22 at 2:03pm Report
Lisa am i love with u! This is my digits +2348063920247

I don't know this guy. Not even through another person. This is not cute...this is strange. Does something about my picture make him think that I'm going to actually add him as a friend...or better yet contact him on his extremely long phone number? Sprint does allow me to make international calls...but I prefer to date my crazies LOCALLY. Do I look that pressed? Sheesh.