Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Coughing fits

This cough refuses to let me be great.  I can't sleep, so I'm up thinking.  I recently cancelled a profile on a networking/dating site, Meet Me.  It was worse than Tagged.  Tagged was the projects of social networking.  MM was like the slums.  Like, I needed a voucher in hand just to log on.  It was the skid row of dating sites.  Where all hope for love goes to die.  When a dude that had no job, car, or place of his own tried to talk to me, that was it...I was done.  Like, ninja you don't even deserve internet access.  Your life hasn't earned it.

I hate when I go to an African or Jamaican club and some slow song comes on.  Dudes starts dancing with you like they love you, trying to gaze into your eyes and shit.  And you're like nigga I don't even know this song.  I heard the chorus before, but it's not my jam.  The only reason I'm still standing here is because the bar is too full and I'd rather stand here where it's a tad bit less crowded.  Get your dick off my leg and find a more drunk chick to have your moment with.  Geez.

I wish I could go to work right now and just work till I fell, 15, 20 hours straight.  If I fall asleep I will be mad when the alarm goes off in a couple hours.  If I stay up, I'm gonna crash around 1.  I wish I could get my 40 hours whenever I wanted during the week.  It's the gift and the curse of Fed employment.  Core hours.  FML.

Yeah...that's about it.

Friday, January 10, 2014


If I went to jail, people would always be beefing with me.  My commissary would stay super fat.  B*tches would be hating.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Late night FB ruminations

I hate when old ass men refer to their woman as their girl.  That chick is 43 years old...she ain't been a girl since Reagan was in office.  Can you upgrade her title out of respect at least?

One of my FB friends added the life event "got engaged" on 12/31.  On 1/5, he posted "sorry y'all, didn't work out".  Nigga.  You knew when you posted it that it wasn't gonna work.  You ain't save up and buy a ring for her to wear for five days.  If you would have, you wouldn't be posting on FB.  You'd be canvassing the streets trying to get that ring back.  These hood ass, "we don't need a ring to be engaged" engagements are too much.

I hate these chicks posting, talking bout "where are all the good men?"  Obviously not on your FB friend list, because you post this same nonsense every couple days.  Desperation is so unattractive, and your thirst trap is so obvious.  You know who would probably actually bite though?  See the paragraph above.

FB was never the creme de la creme of social networking-but it certainly turns into the projects after 2 am. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

She's an asshole.

Often times, I come off as a jerk...I know that. But I'm really not a jerk...I just don't like dumb shit. Is something wrong with that? I need to learn how to reject people a little better.