Friday, January 6, 2017

The First Date...take 1,000,001

I have a date tonight with a guy I met at a club last Thursday. He called me on Monday, made plans to meet up on Friday, finalized those plans on Tuesday--and here we are. I met him at a Backyard Band show, and since its go-go night at the Wizards game and BYB is performing--it was perfect. I copped us some nosebleed seats, and we're in there. I'm not sure where else the night will take us, but I'm actually excited about it--which is a surprise. I've noticed that as I date more, I'm becoming increasingly over getting to know someone. Dates are great. First dates come with a lot of extra pressure. I've talked to dude every day this week, a couple of times for well over an hour. I guess that's a good sign, but hell, what do I know? It bothers me that I'm becoming more cynical, despite how hopeful I am about the future. But regardless of how I think it's all bullsh*t, I'll still go on first dates. One day, it'll be my last one.

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