Thursday, August 7, 2008

Today's gripe.

Not having an office door sucks. When other people want to be private and have members only meetings, they close their doors. When they want to have personal conversations, they close their doors. When they want to express displeasure in something someone has said to them, they slam their doors. When I want to have a meeting, I have to go to a conference room. When I want to have a personal conversation, I just whisper. When I want to express my displeasure, I scowl. What the hell does that do, besides give me wrinkles? I can't go around hitting on stuff, cause I will go to jail. I can't up and leave, cause I will get fired. What sucks the most is that if I'm beefin with someone that HAS a door and they piss me off, they can close THEIR door. And win again. It's like having the last word. I'm gonna start leaving a sign that says "my door is closed" on my nameplate--like I do my "I'm at lunch" sign. Then I'll look like the angry black girl, going out of her way to isolate herself from everyone--even though they know FULL WELL that I'm still available because there really isn't a door. *Sigh*….I can't win.

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