Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holding on.

This morning, I'm happy. I'm happy because he is. I AM, because he is. I honestly have no idea how those without faith make it from day to day. Without my faith, I would be dead and gone by now. If 5 years ago you would have told me that I'd have the career I have, making the money I make, driving the car I drive, living in the city I live in--all on my own--I would have never seen it. I'm just so abundantly, superbly blessed. Through adversity, troubles, trials, and tribulations, not only am I still here, but I'm THRIVING here! I've lost loved ones, seen people go to jail, come home from jail, give birth, lose babies, get married, get divorced, been in love, been out of love, and been on the verge of just giving up completely--but that faith. The faith that told my grandmother to hold on, and told my mother to hold on,tells me to hold on. Keep looking above. Keep moving forward. Even those times when you feel like you can't make another step--God will carry you--just believe that it will happen. What a year its been. Maybe I can come up with a 2010 recep blog...

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