Wednesday, December 1, 2010


The frequency in which men move in and out of my life is alarming. These aren't men that I'm sleeping that I'm falling that I've dated for months...but just random men. Men I meet online, men I meet at bars, men I meet at clubs--even men I meet through mutual friends. We msy talk or text a few times...then it's over. Granted, some people have busy lives, but if it's that busy, why even make the effort of getting my number and starting to get to know me? It's starting to affect me. Is it because I'm not giving up anything? Maybe I don't move quickly enough. Did I "have it" in my younger years, and no longer have it at 30? It feels like the closer I get to realizing my other goals and dreams, the further away men move. Maybe God is preparing me to move into my destiny and I need to go into it alone? Or maybe like Paul, I'm not even supposed to end up with anyone. Something to reallly think about.

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