Thursday, November 18, 2010

Grown Folks

I can never remember to write in this damned blog. I have a million thoughts swirling in my head at any given time, and forget to write them down. Ok, neglect to--because I'm lazy. At any rate, my friends and I were talking about marriage and relationships earlier today, when it dawned on me that if not for those kinds of things, we wouldn't have anything to talk about...besides college and home furnishings...which I believe would then make us boring married people. We started out in similar places, some of us lagged a little more than others, and in the end, we are all in the same stadium. Again, some of us are closer to the field, and some of us are in the nosebleeds--but we're all here. I would write more, but I have some more work to do, and I need to meet my friend at Friday's for Happy Hour. You know how good I am with my priorities--so I'm shuttin this computer down so I can get to the bar and get a seat LOL!!! More tomorrow. Or maybe even tonight. Depends on how happy I end up getting.

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