Thursday, July 22, 2010

2 years though?!?!?

It's been almost 2 years since I wrote in this blog. Alot has happened. I've loved...lost...relocated...dropped a few pounds...picked up a few pounds...and made money. In the grand scheme of things however, nothing much has changed. I'm still confused as ever regarding life's major topics. Instead of a recap-let's get right into it. I got the "nicest" message on FB today:

Nsa Ekpenyong July 22 at 2:03pm Report
Lisa am i love with u! This is my digits +2348063920247

I don't know this guy. Not even through another person. This is not cute...this is strange. Does something about my picture make him think that I'm going to actually add him as a friend...or better yet contact him on his extremely long phone number? Sprint does allow me to make international calls...but I prefer to date my crazies LOCALLY. Do I look that pressed? Sheesh.

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