Thursday, December 18, 2008

I blame us.

Men are so lazy these days.

Because they know we can, they want us to
bring home the bacon, fry it in the pan, feed them, clean up the
kitchen, then fuck them. Even then its like, pull it out...get it
hard...get the condom...where are the condoms? Where are the condoms?
He wants me to buy condoms? I'm sorry, I don't have the condoms. I buy
my condoms for random sexual exploits--sporadic moments of pleasure. If
we're getting it in on the regular, then you need to have the
condom-that's YOUR expense. Besides don't they sell those by the 3837
pack at the barber shop? Surely ya'll must do more in there than gossip
like chicks and get your hair cut. I took my pill--I took care of one
potential issue, you take care of the other. I'm doing my part so we
don't have a kid, you do your part and keep me clean! But the next time
he comes over--do you have condoms? Of course you do! The only way you can make sure you get it in is if you have them, so you would be a dummy not to have picked them up.

We women are enablers. You meet a man that has his stuff straight, and because there are so many half assed men out here, you treat him like a king. Problem is, these "knights in shining armor" are only doing what they should be doing--those slackers have us jaded. They really shouldn't even be making a blip on our radar, but there they go--fuckin the game up majorly! We then end up in a cycle of ego
stroking and settling. Now, there are some good dudes out there--I
would like to think I've snagged one--but even they have issues. A lot
of them are so jaded when it comes to triflin whores, that they don't
know how to treat women. They don't beat them or anything, but they do
a lot less than they should for us--and we go for it!! There are a lot
of members of the "He-Man Woman Haters Club" walking amongst us,
disguised as perfect gentleman. Everything will seem great, until he
starts doing inexplicable dumb shit. You think you've done something
wrong to him, when it actuality, its just that his crazy is starting to
show. We just can't win...

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