Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanks...I guess.

So, some guy sent me a poem on myspace today--says that he's a poet from New York. I said awwwww...thats nice--lemme check this guy out. Ugh. He's a mess.

is she a sex fiend or myspace queen
either way a man would still have to drop to his knees...if he plan on pleasing versus teasing
a man with no fear... is music to her ears
she is tired of wasting tears on todays brothers...the act young and so imature...plus they live at home with their mothers
your checking for that lover to put in work underneath the covers
smothers you with kisses hugs and candy for no reason
hand picks you flowers from every season
you dont ask for much
someone has respect
bring home a check
provide great sex
and has a flexable neck
for those horny nights
able to afford first class flights
and hold it down if there ever was a need to fight over you

Are you kidding me? Call me crazy...but isn't it a requirement that a poet have good grammar? I personally don't want to read anything that I need to have deciphered.

And I live at home with my mother---but guess what--I can S-P-E-L-L with no problem. Who am I to knock someone that lives at home?

Smother me with candy? Like, pour a bucket of Hershey's Kisses over my head while I'm asleep? I think he meant to use the word showers, not smothers. I mean, I understand smothering someone with affection--but when you add CONfections--it just doesnt make sense anymore. Besides...I've never heard of any good come from something being smothered. And no, I don't eat smothered pork chops, chicken, or any of that other smothered stuff black people eat.

Hand picks flowers for every season. What flowers is this fool picking in the wintertime? He must be STEALING them from a florist, at which point I want no part of it--I'm done with criminal minded individuals.

Respect me, yeah...bring home a check, yeah...great sex is a plus...flexable neck--flexIble is good. First class flights? Thats not that serious--at least not on AirTran. Coach is ok for me.

Hold it down if there was a need to fight over me? HELL NO...I'm done with bonding fools out of jail. You fight if you want to--I'm gonna be in the car. And you better not get your ass whooped either.

This guy wrote a poem..but im not convinced that he's a poet. I can draw a picture, but I'm not an artist. I should write him back and tell him to quit while he's ahead, and its just myspace. And doesnt it kinda sound like he hopes she's the sex fiend, and NOT the myspace queen?

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