Tuesday, July 8, 2008

About to lose it...sorry it's so long-but it has pictures!!

This is the hallway leading to me and my boss' desks, and my desk. The counter top you see is my boss' desk. If you make a sharp left at the opening, that's where I sit. Follow along.

I received this email from my director the other day:

From: The Director
Sent: Thursday, July 03, 2008 10:31 AM
To: Her 3 cronies (C's) and the other peons (P's) in HR

Please be sure to let P1 (my boss), Lisa, P2 or P3 know when you are leaving your office for an extended period --- lunch, meetings, etc. This will enable them to respond appropriately if someone calls or comes by to see you. They will also be sure to check with each other so that there is someone watching out for employees coming into HR. GOOD EMPLOYEE RELATIONS.

On rare occasions they may also be out together but either C1 or I should be alerted so we will listen out for people coming in.


The Director

If someone comes in and walks past my friggin "nurses station" of a cubicle, am I supposed to act like one of the jump out boys--"Where ya goin?" "Who ya hear to see?" "Ya need help?" You can see me before I see you, you see my name on the side of my cube...surely you can ask if you need help. If you want me to watch for employees coming into HR, sit me by the door, give me a taser, and call me security. Otherwise, don't expect me to play the role. You can speak to someone just like I can. Just cause you have a door doesn't mean people are supposed to seek me out when they need something.

Then today, I noticed that one of the cronies emailed my boss about her leaving to go somewhere and not having anyone to tell because my boss wasn't here, and "Lisa was...." (I couldn't read past that point without actually opening the email). I was a little hot behind that, but whatever, I still don't know what it said. THEEEN--the director left to do some things, and told me where she was. About an hour later, someone else came by and asked me where the director was. I knew the answer, but when I tried to tell them my mind went blank. I thought to myself, I should have written it down. Then I thought again--HELL NO---what do I look like?!? Her personal assistant?!? I'm not writing down a MFing thing. I went so far as to pull out my job description just to be sure--and no--that shit is so not my job.

So, I went onto the net, did some research, and emailed my boss the message below:

Could I suggest a magnetic dry erase board similar to this? Far be it for me to come across as rebellious-BUT-I really don't think we should have to be responsible for knowing the whereabouts of 10+ adults. Someone came by and asked me where Maryann was, and although she told me when she left, she told me like, 3 or 4 things she was doing, and it took me a second to remember and repeat it. If we had a board like this right outside of P4's old cubicle (a nice central area), people could update their own in or out of the office statuses, and leave remarks if they chose to--as long as someone can see that they are in or out of the office. This would also be good for people like us that occasionally take some lunch time at our desks and have no door to close. Thank you!!!

That's not insubordination, is it? I have a Masters Degree in Human Resources...why am I "Top Flight" of my department??!?! Yo...if I wanted to be a criminal justice major, I would have just put in my two years at J. Sarge and applied at Wackenhut...WTF?!?!?

Edited to add--

OMG--This is like a bad nickname in school that just sticks!! Now everyone is coming up to me and telling me where they are going. My reaction is always the same--I kinda squint my eyes and shake my head like, "And you're telling me because???....", and then I remember. With sad, sad eyes, I just say ok and look down at my desk in disgust...

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