Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The biggest...boss?

This Rick Ross thing....I love me some Rick Ross. But this nonsense he's gotten himself into now--ridiculous. So what you were a CO? You could have played that into something like, EFF the cops, I used to piss in their lockers or something--but no. He wants to LIE about it. Everybody needs a job at some point in time--why LIE about the one you had? Get it how you live!! Every woman loves a man in uniform, and every dude in lock up wants a cool ass nigga on the inside. You straight played yourself on this one, Rick!!! It's bad enough you use someone else's name...my boo Lavelle did the same thing...but still. He picked a fictional character. You picked a hard core criminal. At least Lavelle was a formerly homeless guy that picked David Banner--a dude that turned into the Hulk. You were a CO that picked Rick Ross--a nigga that sold alot of drugs. You're like that loser from high school that becomes a sheriff to torture people cause you got picked on. You aint gotta lie to kick it, dude.

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