Monday, July 7, 2008


Why DO black people enjoy watermelon so much? I had some today at my desk (in tupperware bowl, eaten with a fork), and as I got to the bottom of the container, I realized I might want more. When I finished it, I was kinda pissed--I really did want more watermelon! So, I went on with my morning, and when I walked past the bulletin board with today's cafeteria menu on it, I saw that they were serving watermelon. Did I go and get any? Of course not. I have some at home that's free. Even still--I imagine it wouldn't be as sweet and refreshing as mine. Mine comes from a black home, not a Greek owned office building cafeteria. No, it wasn't grown at my house (although my daddy does grow them), but I know that my mom, a (albeit light skinned) black woman, knows how to pick a good watermelon. Yossi--I'm not so sure if he knows what a good watermelon looks like or not. Oh well. Just thought I would share. At least I still have this Granny Smith apple. Aren't they just delicious?

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